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Machines - Heart

The pulse of your production

  • Simple traffic light system, color cards allow you to quickly and easily control the entire group, machine center, range of machines……
  • The machine card displays a number of quick information, including: days since last inspection, cleaning, refill-consumption, concentration status, pH status…etc
  • Option to monitor target areas of your operations with easy-to-use filters that organize your machines by production type, location…etc
  • Ability to change to a preference card or list view

Monitoring the machine status including historical data

Possibility of comparison

  • Determine the cost and use of the machine
  • Detailed, multi-format data analysis
  • Real-time data filters that allow you to access information over several weeks, storing data for an agreed period of time
  • Trend data for more machines, centers, production types, factories ….
  • Quickly generate Excel or PDF report of the selected machine or group…or..

Creating information in pdf and excel for download and printing

  • Compare costs by product, machine and location
  • Compare fluid consumption by machine and product
  • Generate reports of all data in the desired date range
  • Real-time data filters that give you access to information about several days, weeks, months, years

Main Advantages

Effectively manage

Effectively manage and sort your metalworking fluids: increase fluid life and reduce waste disposal, helping you reduce environmental impact

Increase productivity

Increase productivity while reducing operating costs: improve tool quality and life, reduce downtime and fluid consumption


Real-time data access

Create reports

Easily create reports and cost analyzes, create PDF and EXCEL files to download and print

Identify problems

Easily identify problems with the color semaphore system


Easy-to-use interface to ensure traceable online data - from anywhere anytime

E-mail Sending

Automatic sending of e-mail messages when limits are exceeded, at …… according to requirements and individual settings

Independent software

Independent software eliminates the cost of modifying your ERP and related IT system development

Eliminates the risk

Eliminates the risk of attacking your ERP systems - independent SW on its own server

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Mobile phone with the App available on Google Play

  • No paper – no hand sheets
  • Instant data upload (no double recording)
  • Durable and lightweight device


  • Easy navigation in one hand – mobile APP- mobile, tablet
  • Quick links to other areas of the portal
  • Option to add custom reports to graphical preview panels
  • A screen mode that automatically scrolls across dashboard reports to full screen

Software Usage


connected to our software



of oil used


Reports produced


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The Company

We are a technology company focusing on SAS software development with a process facility and warehouse located in Kolin and it is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Fluid Commander is a software that we developed based on our extensive experience and expertise in following areas: fluid management, data analysis optimization, process planning and logistics. Company is currently in four markets: Germany, Austria, Czech republic and Slovakia. We have long standing partnership with major oil and lubricant producers and suppliers. We strive for quality, innovation and intelligent solutions.

Our Goals

App Developer

With our system there is no longer need to take notes on pieces of paper, which can be lost, all the data are done digitally and store on secured server.

To have better access to data

With our app anyone with the access can received detailed data information about machine maintenance in your factory.

To make the machinery maintenance easier and prevent human error

We design the app to make as simple as possible to use for the user while the platform can handle thousands of uses, machines and different types of oil.

To save our customers resources time and money

With using our self-learning Service and check planning tool


Popular Choice


  • Βasic info about machines and liquids, basic graphical outputs

Popular Choice


  • Εxtended information, trends, analyzes and variable graphical outputs

Popular Choice


  • As well as silver extended with mobile access APP- mobile, tablet
  • Service and control time planning of your machinery

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